April 2018 (applications closed)

  • Sylvie Trang
  • Vicky Yang
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Joyce Li
  • Brendan McKnight
  • Leanne Campbell
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Annie Ly
  • Danielle Barry
Applications for this event are now closed.

Here's one for digital & tech folk:
Join us at Publicis.Sapient on the 30th April for a masterclass with BBC, Facebook, AKQA & more.
These leading tech/digital/media companies are hiring for senior roles, internships & freelance positions. So come along to connect with the mentors, network & hear industry insights.
There are 30 places available for this event.
This event is proudly supported by our friends at Shutterstock and MOO.


Monday 30th April 2018, 6.30-10pm Publicis.Sapient - Eden House, 8 Spital Square, London E1 6DU.
This event will allow you to meet and connect with industry leaders, discuss projects, ideas and network with like-minded folk. It’s a rare opportunity to chat to icons in your field directly. Past masterclasses attendees have gained full time positions, internships and freelance work at companies such as Warner Music, Pentagram, M&C Saatchi and Google.


Dan Harvey, Head of Product Design & Brand, The Dots
Joyce Li, Senior Product Designer, The Dots
Richard Earley, Creative & Product Design Lead, New Look
Kai En Ong, Experience & Design, BBC
James Hilton, Chief Creative Officer, Native Design. Co-founder, AKQA
Andy Ellis, Principal Motion and Experiential Designer, Net a Porter,
Simon Rohrbach, Director of Content, Research & Design, Deliveroo
Amanda Glasgow, Creative Director, Publicis.Sapient
Steven Leong, Associate Creative Director, Publicis.Sapient
Daniel Souza, Associate Creative Director, Experience Design, Publicis.Sapient
Naomi Tracey, Experience Design Lead, Publicis.Sapient
Ari Sawyers, Product Designer, Facebook
Luke Warda, Product Designer, Facebook
Liv Tytherleigh, Product Designer, Facebook
Vicky Yang, Product Designer, Facebook
Rachel Jones, Senior Design Strategist, ustwo
Natalie Vosloo, Senior Art Director, AKQA
Andrew Devlin, Group User Experience Director, AKQA


This event is ideal for anybody with a love for the world of Digital Design, Product Design, UX or UI. Whether you are already in the industry, studying or looking for your next big break - you can apply (applications are free!). We're after a diverse group of people with ambition and big ideas. There is no minimum or maximum experience level required.


Your profile and portfolio of work on The Dots will be used as your application to join the Masterclass. Projects on your profile can be in any medium, including videos, personal projects, hypothetical, uni projects etc. Ideas or works-in-progress are absolutely fine too - we just need to learn a little about you and what it is you do.
If you are one of the selected applicants, you’ll be sent a single-use ticket code. Masterclass tickets cost £10.
Still unsure how the events roll out? Browse our Portfolio Masterclass page to see snaps.
If you have any questions, just contact us at help@the-dots.com
This Portfolio Masterclass is supported by MOO & Shutterstock.
Apply a 15% discount to Shutterstock image purchases using the code: dots15 & a handy 15% off MOO printed products here.


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