Christmas is Coming Together

  • Laura Botten
  • Claire Baker
  • Tom Blackwood
Co-op put “togetherness” at the heart of its Christmas campaign, which showcased its continuing focus on local communities. It did this by bringing together diverse musical groups from across the UK to sing the Blur classic ‘Tender’ for their Christmas TVC.
Drum’s challenge was to cut through at hugely competitive time of the year, with budgets dwarfed by their main supermarket competitors. A key component of this cut through was a partnership with Channel 4 that wonderfully amplified the concept of “Christmas is coming together”.
Working with Channel 4, we developed an idea that had never been attempted before - weaving Co-op into the fabric of the channel’s schedule by having a selection of singers from the Co-op TV commercial come together and sing the introductions to some of Channel 4’s most iconic programmes (Crystal Maze, Gogglebox, Countdown and The Snowman) in the ad break of the shows, in their own unique style. We negotiated that any promos were moved so that the partnership spots sat directly next to the start of the programme, leading to a seamless viewer experience.
In a wonderful build to the partnership, Channel 4’s continuity team got into the spirit of ‘togetherness’ by adding their own musical renditions whilst introducing the shows, straight after the Co-op choir.
The partnership (which brought together an incredible 13 different stakeholders) resulted in a ‘first of its kind’ Christmas partnership that embodied the ‘Christmas is coming together’ message.


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