Cross the Pay Gap

  • Hazel Scott
  • Paula Uzicanin

Lollipop Peoples' rights suck. In the UK, School Crossing Patrollers are expected to be on their feet, work in all sorts of weather, and take on the responsibility of keeping children safe, all for a very low salary. Therefore, they rely on other members of the household or other sources of revenue to get by. We want to show that if they can't live off of their current salary, they will have to pick up odd jobs to get by - in their uniform of course.

Lollipop People will appear in public spaces to gain attention and direct people to the petition. To make it more interesting than just signing a piece of paper, we have set up 'Tip Jars' where people can place a token to pledge their support for their local Lollipopper.
Posters will show these scenarios and will be placed on billboards for a further reach across the UK.
Social Media posts will keep track of and direct to the petition, as well as share the ambient element of the campaign. People can interact and show support with #CrossThe PayGap.
For people who can't access the petition in person, the website hosts an online version of the Tip Jar.


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