EE brand launch

  • Jen Heazlewood
  • Flow Bo
  • Daniel Harvey
  • Boon Yew Chew
The brief was to work with EE to help them launch their new brand. SapientNitro was the lead digital agency and worked with EE and brand agency to create the digital presence of EE, a brand created to merge legacy brand T-Mobile and Orange and be the first provider of 4G in the UK.

Responsible for initial website concepting, shop, homepage & global navigation. Project style was lean UX, with agile collaborative design between client, UX, design, content & development.

Output of the project included a responsive website with optimised navigation and content for mobile and touch devices.

Future propositions
The brief was to work with EE to develop some concepts of future propositions and presented to the board in order to secure funding and advise of the direction of the EE digital presence.

Workshop sessions were run with the client to work through user journeys and initial scamps to tell the story needed by the business, this was then followed through by working with a designer through sketching and concepting to create finalised design mock-ups as outputs.