Nando's Delivers

  • Emily Shorvon
  • Dom O'Hare
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Zuki Sedgley
  • David Clulow
  • Cara Hamment
  • Marius Bejinariu
  • Dan Viveiros

Launching Nando's delivery with an in-your-face ad campaign that brings the power of a peri-peri craving to life.

Fact: When you need a Nando’s, you can’t think about anything else. To celebrate the launch of the restaurant’s nationwide delivery service, we created ‘Now try think about something else’, a series of ads that dramatise exactly how a PERi-PERi craving stops you in your tracks. Directed by Rich Hall of Riff Raff Films, each film shows a seemingly everyday situation and interrupts it with a Nando’s craving ‘trigger’ and a cameo from one of the brand’s famous fans. The twist? PERi-PERi trumps celebrity, because when you’ve got Nando’s on the mind, nothing else matters. The solution? To get a Nando’s delivery. Inspired by social, each 15-second spot features a ‘jingle’ taken directly from the fan-made #nandostoilet challenge on TikTok, includes a pulse-heightening, Instagram-esque superzoom and ends with a confident, in-your-face line: Now try think about something else. The result? A distinct and confident delivery campaign that only a beloved brand like Nando’s could do.