Tweet When U Eat

  • Olivia Rawlinson
  • Mark Rees-Weeden
  • Amethyst Sainsbury
  • Nikki Wilkinson
In glue Isobar and Carat's campaign to increase the awareness of Kellogg's Krave cereal, the UK’s biggest YouTube celebrities participated in adventurous cereal games to share with their fans. Their audience was then encouraged to take part themselves. There were daily challenges on Twitter and Facebook with the chance to win exclusive prizes. By building the product into every tailor-made challenge, we made sure that the Krave name was in the heart and well as stomach of every fan.

I was the sole Project Manager, in charge of managing the creative process behind the challenge ideas, as well as the production of each of the personalised challenge boxes, sourcing a range of specialised products including bespoke Rube Goldberg machines, and electronic rotating spoons.