Happy International Women’s Day! Which women inspire you most? I’d love to feature their profiles on The Dots :-)

I’d love to give a nod to all the amazing women on The Dots that inspire you, so please @ their name in the comments below, so we can feature their work and profiles.

I also wanted to shout out to all the amazing women who give up their time to mentor on The Dots by sharing their advice, support and words of encouragement on our Asks forum. Some of their names are below.

Today, I'll be going to an event to support and champion the incredible work of WOW - Women of the World, a festival celebrating the amazing achievements of women and girls, that takes a frank look at the obstacles they still face, and discusses solutions together. Find out more and support the festival here: https://thewowfoundation.com

@Claire Koryczan, @Ngozi Okorie, @Fleur Emery, @Lucille Roache, @Simona De Leo, @Linsey M, @Krystell Bringas, @Allison Tanenhaus, @Vikki Ross, @Laurelle Jones, @Pansy Aung, @Kate Power, @Catherine Fulwood, @Katie Metcalfe @Caroline Bottomley, @Francesca Hayward, @Poppy Jamieson, @Serena Guen, @Anna Jay, @Eva Dziedzic de Aguirre, @Elsa Benoldi, @Casey Evans, @Jessica Njoo, @Katja Alissa Mueller, @Katie Killip, @FREYA MURRAY (/SALWAY), @Anna Negrini, @Xiao-Wei Lu, @Harriet Anstruther, @Ruth Illger, @Amy Bonifas, @Laura Hurst, @June Mineyama-Smithson, @cath leach, @Abigail Baldwin, @Paula Benvegnu, @Nicola Ryan, @Elizabeth Ogabi, @Tina Bernstein, @Kassy Cho, @Francesca Oddenino, @Oksana Valentelis, @Claire Medcalf, @Alison Grade, @Natasha Chetiyawardana, @Beatrice Garcia, @Lisa Campana, @Chaka Sobhani, @Holly Tucker, @Jade Tomlin, @Priya Matadeen, @Sarah Boris, @Tea Uglow, @Zena Bruges, @Diane Mensah, @Ellen Turnill Montoya, @Sara Taglioretti, @Drue Bisley, @Marina Esmeraldo, @Hana Tanimura, @Simone Sylvester, @Lisa Gray, @Nishma Robb, @Andrea Lennon, @Laura Rogers, @Rachel Wynter, @Nikky Lyle , @Maria Olofsgard Jegeus, @Pat McNulty, @Danielle Ciullo, @Natalie Deeble, @Tina Daheley, @Chloe Stephenson, @Daisy King, @Annie Marsh, @Louise Trethewey, @Alexandra (Lex) Hearth, @Fiona Freund, @Erica Dorn, @Annie Masciavè, @Adebola Adegbulugbe, @Agathe Monmont, @Daisy Deane, @Angie Juttner-Hart, @Lisa Hassell, @Sade Lawson, @Tori West, @Anna Rose Kerr, @Rebecca Preuss, @Tamryn Kerr, @Olga Makarchuk, @Laura Byrne, @Pip Black, @Nia Orea, @Laura Carpenter, @Liz Chauhan-Grof, @Fiona Abrahams, @Kristen Evanoff, @Marina Norris, @Suzy Fleetwood, @Mizzy Lees, @clare mullen & @Charlotte Simpson


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