We’re working on an exciting project to spotlight creative entrepreneurs/founders who have a positive impact. Any speaker recommendations?

We’ll be announcing an exciting event series early next year, which involves spotlighting creative entrepreneurs & founders who are having a positive impact on the world.

I’d love to hear who you think would be great speakers for the events, ideally UK based & their business is in the creative industries (it could be a services business like an agency, or a business that sells products).

Pop your suggestions below. THANK YOU


  • Hey Pip,

    I think Mitchell Rigie, Founder of The Creative Breakthrough Lab would be a great addition to your project; https://www.mitchellrigie.com/.

    He's also the founding parter of Smartstorming LLC, where he's trained some of the top innovative companies in the area of brainstorming/leadership and ideation and authored, Smartstorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas.

    His forthcoming book is Creativity: Mastering The Inner Game of Success. (see https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitchellrigie/).
  • Hi Pip, I'm working on a fashion-tech start-up that that connects consumers to independent and ethical brands.
  • Ellie Mackay from Ellipsis Earth is quite a remarkable women.

  • @Emilia Buggins of Kirelie Studio, a branding and comms agency that works with purpose-driven brands.

    @Rob Mathie of On the One agency - insight, strategy and PR for loads of great charity partnerships including UN Women and LGBTQ+ fndtn.

    And me, of Wisern - a consultancy platform for creatives, breaking down the barriers and giving professional creatives access to industry-experts for 1:1 advice and business development tools.

  • Hey Pip,

    You should speak to Hubbub (specifically, our CEO, Alex - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexjrobinson/ - and founders @Heather Poore and Gavin Ellis). We're a creative behaviour change charity working with the likes of Starbucks, Virgin Media O2 and IKEA to inspire action that's good for the environment, and for everyone. More at hubbub.org.uk

    All the best,

  • Hi Pip,

    I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share some exciting updates from Zems Entertainment. As you might be aware, we recently premiered our documentary, "No Budget, No Script, No Permission," which focuses on empowerment and challenging conventional approaches to filmmaking and creative thinking. You can find more about it here: No Budget, No Script, No Permission.

    Additionally, our feature film, "Gods of Their Own Religion," debuted on November 23, 2023, at Cineworld Leicester Square, and it was a resounding success. More details can be found here: Gods of Their Own Religion.

    At Zems Entertainment, we are deeply committed to creative freedom and authenticity in artistic expression. I would be delighted to discuss this and explore potential future collaborations with you. If helpful, I can also arrange for our director, @Naeem Mahmood, to join our conversation.
    I'm truly impressed by your work with The Dots and would love to chat about how we might collaborate.

    Paul Chiedozie
    CEO / Producer, Zems Entertainment
  • Hello Pip,

    I would be interested to be a featured speaker if possible?

    LinkedIn  - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aquayemi-claude-garnett-akinsanya-3b99921a4

    Instagram - @a_claude_2020

    Sessionize Profile - https://sessionize.com/aquayemi-akinsanya/

    Speaking Profile - https://gcbr-and-tcsl-campaign.square.site/keynote-and-public-speaker-book

    BBC News Report - https://youtu.be/KyNyQxPdEgg

    Talks About: Equity, DEI, Inclusion, Education, Changemakers, Peace, Soical Justice, Mental Health, Climate Change, Youth Homelessness, Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Activism, Current Affairs, Neurodivergent Thinking, DyslexicThinking, Leadership, SDGs, Global Goals, Commonwealth, Fashion, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Neurodivsty and Current Affairs

    Please confirm receipt of this email and message.

    Aquayemi-Claude (Claude)
    Aquayemi-Claude G. Akinsanya

  • Hi Pip!

    Please see the below.

    Josephine Philips - SOJO.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,
    Hannah Rose Caton
  • Hi Pip, I would love to be involved if possible! I've recently given a series of talks at Kin Con (Kind Communities recent event - the founder Caner Veli has already been mentioned on here) and at an event by In Good Company - all about communicating your purpose and standing out as an social impact, ethical or sustainable brand. I'd love to help more businesses doing good learn how to stand out and make a difference.

    In 2022 I took the bold move to approach CI Pride and offered to sponsor the 50th Anniversary celebrations with a creative campaign. We created an award winning campaign which increased attendace by 20% and saw the community - LGBTQIA and allies alike - brought together around a common thread and purpose for the first time in years. We stepped in to sponsor 2023 again and this time turned the whole inclsivity aspect of Pride on it's head with a fully inclusive campaign - this time resulting in another leap in attendance with 43% of survey respondants saying this was their first ever Pride. You can read more about both campaigns and more of our work at Mantra here: https://www.mantrabrandhouse.com/work

    I'd also like to recommend Annie Bartley from I Am Female https://iamfemale.co.uk/ She's on a mission to empower women working in the creative industries, and has an incredible story being LGTBQ and nuerodiverse. She's also just the loveliest human and an absolute fire cracker

    Another person who's always fallen over himself to help everyone and has the most fascinating Creatie Career is Dave Bounaguidi. From founding St Lukes and Karmarama, to Creastive Director and Channekl 4, to now being a screen printer and actrivist. He's aticulate, funny and kind and he calls out those who are up to no good in a very tongue in cheek but no nonsense kind of way. He's amazing value and appears of a fair amount of podcasts already - including Holly Tucker's Conversations of Inspiration. - Having thought about it, if you could get Holly Tucker too, she would be incredible!

    Hope we get to hear a lot from you too! x
  • @Amy Charlotte Kean and her Good Shout courses are empowering women in brands and agencies across the UK:


    And @Carolyn McMurray's Gen Z copywriting community, Word Tonic now has over 400 members from around the world - all learning, developing and growing together:

  • Hi Pip !
    I thought I'd put myself forward. I'm Mathilde, founder of La Fomo, an app that redefines how we engage with art and culture in the city, effortlessly uncovering offbeat events beyond the mainstream (on instagram @la_fomo or www.lafomo.co.uk). We were awarded Innovate UK Creative Catalyst grant and are a few days away from launching our app !
  • Hi Pip, our Founder and Managing Creative Director, @James Ewin is just the guy! His vision for our design studio ORCA has always been focused on being purposeful and now this is a huge part of what we do everyday.

    He has always wanted to make sure everyone in the studio is singing from the same hymn sheet and has created a culture like no other, we are all fully invested in having a positive impact on the world and strive to put people, planet and purpose at the heart of our process.

    Through a lot of hard work together with our team he ensured we got our first B Corp certification too. He's amazing at what he does and is a genuinely lovely person too, you'd have a great chat!
  • Hello Pip! I couldn't think a better creative that matches your description than @Naeem Mahmood . I had the pleasure to collaborate with him on the trailer for his latest feature film, which actually premiered yesterday 23/11/23 at Cineworld Leicester Square.

    I happened to apply for his job post through The Dots actually and it was a transformative experience for me personally.

    As I got to know Naeem more and more through our collaboration, I found out that he is characterised by an overflow of positive, creative energy that helps artists discovering the power within themselves and boosts them to make their dreams come true. Except that, his proffesionalism is at the top top level compared to other collaborators I have worked with for the past 20+ years at the media field.

    I think you could have very meaningful conversation with Naeem so I highly recommend contacting him. If you need any additional info please send me!!
  • Hi Pip,
    Could I suggest myself? I am the Founder of MM-Art Consult . I promote artists and designers. I am currently working on "Circular Luxury" project, where we explore how art can be a tool for environmental conservation and give creatives exposure and a revenue. I have talked about my project at Parliament, Circular economy events and to the parliamentary society for arts and fashion. I was a lecturer for 12 years. I would be delighted to explain this further to you.
  • Hi Pip,
    I have put together a "one woman' comedy show "Guilty Pleasures,
    "Now or Never'.. unleash your fantasies, hidden assets plus triumphs and failures for work and play. Including much of my global performing arts, business and entrepreneurial career. I will be in London from Melbourne, end May till end August 2024. Go well Sally ( GP, will be part of my next book)
  • Hi Pip, I’d love to speak for you again! I’d love to go into authentic diversity and how we have built that for our production company as well as within our client's projects.
  • Hi Pip! I’m wondering - could I suggest myself? I run a project called Creativity For Corporate: creativity-enhancing workshops based on experimental art, designed with the corporate employee in mind. I believe creativity is not only good for business but also makes people happier. You can see more on creativityforcorporate.co.uk I’m also a TEDx speaker - I talked about the future of poetry and the power of experimentation: https://youtu.be/Gz2l04RqAa8?si=Zqa9meJWyAyFe_c8 Many thanks for taking the time to read my post! :)

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