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London, United Kingdom

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We help brands to be more social; to talk to people, and to be talked about by people. Our story began in a converted cowshed 17 years ago. Why are we called 1000heads? It’s a long story involving fountains, misheard telephone conversations and an exhibition centre. Ask us about it some time. But it also represents community, conversation and sharing, which are at the heart of everything we do. Brands had always recognised the impact Word of Mouth and personal recommendation had on their growth and success, but with social media providing huge acceleration and reach, we understood that Word of Mouth would become a marketing discipline in its own right. Since those early days we have continued to grow and while we don’t quite have a 1000 heads of our own yet we have around 150 talented people working out of five offices around the world – none of them cowsheds. We work with some of the best brands on the planet and our ambition is to surprise them every day with work that treads new ground. We aren’t limited by what has gone before but embrace the challenge of the ‘what if?’ We are powered by a free thinking approach which inspires us to tell your stories in the most compelling ways, in the most effective places. We aren’t an agency centred around departments but crafted around driven, creative people blended together to provide an alchemy of intelligent insight, imaginative ideas, exceptional implementation, and potent impact.

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