Jack Wills

The Fabric of Jack

London, United Kingdom

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Salcombe, Devon. One shop, two friends, one dream. The British youth had no idea they needed a JW hoodie in their life, but they did, and that’s where it all began back in 1999. Quality is, and was, the priority. So too are authenticity, honesty, energy and irreverence. That’s what we mean by the Fabric of Jack – it’s our story, our brand, our people and what our products are made of. Jack Wills has come a long way since 1999 – you can now find us all over the world and we’re proud to produce premium clothing and accessories for people who appreciate design, quality and attention to detail. We still sell hoodies too and always will. http://www.jackwills.com/ http://www.jackwillsteam.com

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