Grant's Whisky social strategy and content

The brief
Help Grant's Whisky use social media to target male millennials in emerging markets.
The response
We created a social strategy that built on Grant's Whisky's new brand identity - defining their voice, creative territories and 12-month content plan.
My part in the project
- Defining the brand's social strategy
- Developing a creative platform that would underpin all social activity
- Creating a 12-month content plan including always-on posts, awareness and recruitment campaigns, plus UGC engagement campaigns
- Concepting all elements of the content plan
- Writing content across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
- Working closely with the client on day-to-day executions and long-term planning
- Collaborating with inter-agency teams on multi-channel projects
Key results
- The user base grew by 22%
- The consumer demographic shifted significantly towards our target audience
- Our content had record numbers of likes and shares

Always-on social content
Content created around four key conversation pillars: brand, product, lifestyle and UGC.
Awareness campaign landing page
Our awareness drive was built around the idea of shared bonding experiences - highly prized by our target audience.
Engagement campaign
Branded UGC gave people the chance to badge and share their stories of collective achievements.

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