Reimagining Christmas with Pinterest: Winners Announcement

  • Danielle Barry
  • Carina Toma Toma
  • Laura Fluture
  • Alanna Georgette Proctor
  • Yvonne Quinn
  • Vilmantas Bazoo
  • Federica Guandalini
  • Bernadette Krejci
  • Laura Jordan Bambach
  • Annlin Chao
  • Andy Poyiadgi
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Richard Brim

We’re thrilled to share with you the top 5 winning concepts of our ‘Reimagine Christmas’ campaign with Pinterest! This year has been challenging for so many, which is why we teamed up with Pinterest to create paid work for our brilliantly talented community, commissioning them to create festive ad campaign concepts for the platform. With household names like Topshop, Birdseye, MADE and British Airways on the billing and the exceptional insight from our expert judging panel (see list below), we have been bowled over by the quality and creativity of the concepts in the past few weeks… and just in time for some Christmas inspiration. Introducing the top 5 winning concepts:

Annlin Chao for MADE.COM – ‘Judges Choice’ award
Top judges quote: ‘Tickles me, i love it - the best of everything’

Christmas is about home and family, and home would not be complete without furniture. Through a game of hide-and-seek, the furniture provides the perfect storage or hiding place for those secret Christmas presents and instils that feeling of magic we all associate with the Christmas season.
Anna Wanczyk & Eleanor Calsy-Harrison for Birds Eye Peas
Top judges quote: ‘I love the idea of the one that gets away’

There’s always a pea that manages to escape and Peter the Birds Eye Pea is an expert in plate escapology. When browsing Pinterest for Christmas inspiration, you’ll find Peter in all sorts of festive scenarios: nestled in a box of baubles, peeking from the mistletoe or rolling out from grandad’s new slippers…
Andy Poyiadgi for Birds Eye Peas
Top judges quote: ‘Such a playful fit for the platform’

The idea is to create a series of festive-themed, heart-warming moments that feature peas instead of people: two peas snuggled up in front of the fire, a group of peas singing Christmas carols, a family of peas having dinner. Small, intimate moments that remind us what Christmas is all about and to appreciate the little things. The visuals were created using a combination of real-life peas and hand-drawn illustration.
Laura Fluture & Carina Toma for British Airways

Top judges quote: ‘It not only has a big moment in Pinterest it has longevity, you could imagine how it comes to life in the real world’

“Paper planes” reinvents the most popular gift of all time – the Christmas card – and shows people how they can creatively use it to write down their wishes and fold it as an airplane. Last but not least, the concept wants people to think of their loved ones as an important destination where their wishes fly to.
Alanna Proctor for Sony
Top judges quote: ‘I get the warm fuzzies thinking about past & people’

More like a family's photo album than a series of ads, this campaign comprises candid Christmas memories shot on 35mm. As music has the ability to transport you back to a moment in time, Sony's Christmas playlist will be used to add depth and meaning to the creative. Using the carousel format, people can flick through the images and be inspired to head over to the playlist and start making their own memories.
Find out more on Campaign, Pinterest Newsroom and campaign board.

Thanks again to our brilliant judges:

  • Chaka Sobhani Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett
  • Laura Jordan Bambach - Chief Creative Officer, Grey London
  • Toby Allen - Deputy ECD, AMV BBDO
  • Richard Brimm - Chief Creative Officer, Adam & Eve
  • Selma Nicholls, Founder Looks Like Me & Co - Founder theSOwhiteproject
  • Mark Carroll, UK Creative Strategist at Pinterest
  • Visha Naul, Director of Business Marketing, Europe at Pinterest
  • Pip Jamieson, CEO, The Dots


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