The Dots #12DaysOfGiving - discover a countdown of projects full of love

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  • Annie Ly
  • Brendan McKnight
  • Pip Jamieson
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In the lead up to the 25th of December, we decided to spotlight the kind of creativity that fills your heart, everyday on our Today page and across our social channels #12DaysOfGiving ✨

Each and every project that we've picked have a stellar team credited, all of whom use creativity as an unstoppable and joy-spreading force for good.

1. Christmas Jumper Day Campaign by Save the Children

First up in our #12DaysOfGiving is Save the Children UK, with their amaze-baubles charity campaign for #ChristmasJumperDay. Discover the celebrities, philanthro-pigs & amazing creatives that made this year's campaign happen and find out how to get involved here.

2. AUFI's designer wrapping paper in aid of homelessness

For our second day of #12DaysOfGiving, we chose to sing about the incredible ASK US FOR IDEAS and their christmas concept in aid of Wrap Up London. By asking 12 brilliant creative agencies to donate a unique wrapping paper design, they gathered a bunch of beautiful papers to auction off and donate the proceeds to helping the homeless. To see which agencies got involved and your favourite designs, click here.

3. Turf Projects, Croydon's space for for people to grow creatively

For the 3rd day of giving, we share with you Turf Projects! The team behind this contemporary, inclusive space provide an array of workshops, art initiatives and room for people to grow, to grow creatively. Get enlightened by what they do, over on their page here.

4. How to get involved with the Creative Mentor Network

Day 4 of our #12DaysOfGiving is all about the Creative Mentor Network. This is an amazing organisation that helps people with aspirations to work in the creative industry, to get their foot in the door. By linking up aspiring creatives with industry seniors for a course of mentoring, all involved gain a wholesome experience. Whether you're in the creative industry and would like to mentor, or receive guidance yourself, find out how you can get involved this way.

5. The Big Knit, how it helps Age UK and how you can help too

For our 5th day of giving is a feature dedicated to the sweetest creative campaign going! Learn about the brilliant impact that Innocent hats really have for Age UK London. What's more, if you didn't know you could pick up some needles and craft some funky designs for the cause, you do now - hat this way!

5. Giving the gift of time, with Do The Green Thing

On the 6th day of giving, we give you time not tat! By featuring Do The Green Thing's campaign 'Ungifted' we hope to spread the good word of how important your time is, and how it means much more than any scented candle, socks or pants! Take a look at how this amazing team craft a message all about love over materialism with their writing and design skills: this way.

6. MAP arts charity - the sound of true community

Cosmic Slop is the unique, Leeds based rave fundraising for community arts & education in the wonderful MAP Charity. In the hope that money will be raised for the Hope Foundry Project - the building at the heart of all of the magic that Map create, the team are on a quest to do all in their power to gain funds. Take a look at what this is all about and how to donate, here.

7. The Ministry of Stories mission for imagination

In the depths of Hoxton you can find the weird and wonderful Ministry of Stories. Part workshop for kids, part 'Monster Supplies Store' (both a source of inspiration for children and a way in which to fund the programme) the team are always looking for newbies to volunteer at their mentoring centre - so that all that step through the door can realise their own creative potential. Take a peek at the slick design of the Ministry, and how you can get into character too.

8. How Bloody Good Period are getting festive for sanitary equality

Flo ho ho! the team at BGP are on a journey to end period poverty once and for all. With a marvellous flow of campaigns, parties, edible tampons and witty gifts, there's lots to get involved with to support the cause - making sure those in need get access to sanitary products and education about menstuation.

9. The magic of football: Soccer Park Social Co

PARK Social Soccer Co are dedicated to designing, making and distributing league quality balls and gear to change lives, on and off the field. Through charitable partnerships, every product SPS make enriches the lives of a child in need - from anywhere in the world. Score yourself a feel good sensation, and get involved with the cause - this way.

10. Forget sending cards, send a goat with Oxfam Unwrapped!

If you're yet to know about Oxfam Unwrapped, then the talented Motherbird creatives can take you through the concept of buying a card for a loved one, and in turn, sending anything from a goat, piglet or a supply of safe water to a family in need! Or, click here to head straight on over to Oxfam's online shop, to do just that!

11. Choose love for Help Refugees

Spend hundreds & leave empty-handed (but full of love). Choose Love is the world's first shop where you can buy real products for refugees. From emergency blankets to school bags and medical equipment. Discover more about the store and the other beautiful projects that creatives have been working on for this important cause.

12. A little note to you from The Dots team

While we are a home to 100,000s of inspiring projects, we're always improving our own mega-project, The Dots itself! So, the thoughts of our community are imperative to us. If you fancy sharing your own ideas on The Dots and being a part of our future, then we'd love to hear from you at our Beta Club!
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2018 has been an amazing year. Thanks to all who have been a part of it!