Are you a London/UK-based freelancer?

Wide net question but we are building out our network of brand strategists, marketing strategists. copywriters, graphic designers, photographers / videographers, creative directors, email marketing / CRM whizzes, social media managers / strategists, influencer marketing managers, etc.

At Chapter Three, as a collective of leading experts, freelancers and consultants, we create / launch new brands and elevate / pivot existing brands with a social first approach. The majority of our brand work is fitness, wellness and lifestyle / luxury lifestyle focused (boutique gyms, hotels, restaurants, etc).

If you're taking on new projects this year, please drop a note with a link to your portfolio / CV and your email address if you'd like to chat about the projects we have coming up and how we could work together.

Look forward to hearing from you!
  • Brand Strategist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Manager


  • Hi Louise,

    I am a freelance printed textile designer from Chichester, often working in London.

    Please find my online portfolio here:

    I would love to hear from you.

    Lucy xx
  • Hi Louise
    I am a passionate DoP with over 16 years experience in the same field.A focussed and inspired creative with a flair for pitch perfect visual storytelling and a passion for striking photography and artistic filmmaking.Currently seeking new freelance adventures, to create impactful documentaries, commercials and event/training/corporate videos that enhance brand image or personal/professional stories. Have a look at my latest video showreel and website by clicking on the below link

    Thank You
    Contact Number: 07988698231
  • Hi Louise,

    Norwegian filmmaker, recently moved to London.

    Best regards,
    Finn Bugge
  • Hi Louise,

    I'm a freelance luxury photographer. Please find my portfolio and email below:

  • Hey there!!

    I am Liliya and I am a London based Creative Producer/Freelance Photographer

  • Hi,

    I am a freelance product, interior and lifestyle photographer based in London.

    Please find my portfolio here:


  • Hi Louise,

    My name is Topister and I am a Creative Producer/ Editor. Am interested in working with you for all futue projects. Here is my portofilo and my emaill address is

  • Hi Louise,

    My name is Rocco and I am a Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I would like to help indeed! Here you can find my Behance portfolio , but if you want to see more feel free to contact me at

    Thanks a lot and good luck with your initiative in any case!

  • Hi Louise,

    I am an award winning, strategy led, multi-disciplinary, graphic designer with a passion for ideas and craft.

    My portfolio is at
    Contact me on

  • Hi Louise,

    I'm a freelance lifestyle journalist, copywriter and social media writer with more than 6 years worth of experience in the publishing industry. I'm available for commisions, newsletters and penning words for just about anything!

  • Hello ,


    Instagram @ederturziani


  • Hi Louise,

    Always open to working with new people! I'm a freelance graphic designer based in London, with experience in branding, art direction, print, web, social, signage and wayfinding.

    All the best!
  • Hi Louise, I am always open to new opportunities. My background is mostly in luxury lifestyle, arts and technology across copywriting and editorial.

    I live here online:

    Bye for now!

  • Hi Louise!

    You have a lot of answers already so I'll keep it short. I'm a creative multimedia producer - video & graphic design mainly, but also do some photography, music and graphic motion. Plus I have a strong experience in marketing and communication. My portfolio - if you need a full CV please send me an email - Best ;)
  • Hi Louise,

    I work as an Art and Creative Director in Advertising and Fashion–and for experimental films and Fashion films
    For reference

    Latest film as a director/cinematographer/editor

    Brand film examples as an Art Director and Creative lead.
  • Hello, I'm a cambridge base editorial and commercial photographer working in London an worldwide. My website is and Linkedin profile is
  • I am a london based freelance photographer
    My linked in is and for the porfolio chek out my dots page or

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