GUAP Magazine Issue 15 - Humble Beginnings Edition

As the first quarter of the year comes to an end and we enter spring; we look back on the last few months with gratitude and joy as we celebrate growth, life and prosperity. Despite coming an awful long way, we acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the love and support from our community of creatives worldwide that continue to be a pillar for our platform. We thank you. The intro of 2019 has been plagued with some monumental losses for our culture with the untimely passing of Cadet and Nipsey Hussle. Both incredible rappers and leaders within their respective communities. We would like to dedicate this issue to these two kings and to all those who have passed on, to watch over us in paradise. The theme ‘Humble Beginnings’ is an ode to those striving towards something greater than themselves, but coming from a disadvantaged background. In a day and age where being ‘self-made’ is so glamorized, we wanted to show the world what it truly means to beat the odds and rise to greatness. View the full feature here: This is cover 1/2.