What's your most unusual source of influence or inspiration?

For example, current fringe economic theory is something that shapes a lot of my product design thinking at the moment. How about you?


  • Liberia in Shoreditch is a fantastic bookshop I find very inspiring.
    Nowness.com is a great site for contemporary arts based films
    Sounds Of The Universe is an amazing record store that surfaces an electic range of fresh and forgotten music.
  • documentaries on how big banks were set up for some reason inspires me a lot in terms of shaping my business' infrastructure.
  • I personally get super inspired by distressed textures and found objects lately. Bit cliche I think but if I find something old, that by all standards isnt really even designed aesthetically, I get really interested in how this dysfunctional thing still somehow looks beautiful within it's own right and that leads me to want to explore that a little...
  • Mishaps, chance meetings and last minute changes of plans. Eg: unexpected train cancellation which means I have to take an alternative route to work which results in me bumping into a colleague/friend I haven't seen for years and we exchange catch-up notes. During the conversaton they give me some information/recommendations - go to an exhibition, read a particular book, we talk about our projects both personal and professional. Sometimes what we discuss takes me out of my comfort zone and the natural curiousity in me takes over and it encourages me to explore.
  • Solitude, that could be walking, cycling, climbing etc. But more importantly doing something I love to do, alone.
  • Rearranging my creative space was my most recent unusual source of inspiration. The space your in when you create, I find, has a great influence on your mood which directly affects your creativity. Shifting the space shifted my mindset and removed a bit of the monotony that comes with the day-to-day work routine.
  • When I feel down or not inspired I realized that I always look for people's stories, so I go out looking for a good film, book, art piece or I go to networking events/cafes and chat just for listening to good life stories.
  • Ideas for me just come from an instant point in my mind? not sure if that's common or not, no rhyme or reason for creating work
  • When I have a commission I usually force myself to think the complete opposite of my prejudice on what I know about the topic, the industry, the client, this exercise it's super helpful.
  • I enjoy a good cycle or walk - either by the sea or in the country, where i can observe nature and clear the mind. Nature is inspirational... its cheesy but true.

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