Google 10 Weeks of Magic

  • Milda Isciukas
  • Zuki Sedgley
  • Dom O'Hare
  • Lara Janani
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Matt Thomas
  • Emily Shorvon
  • David Clulow
  • Matt Booy
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Natrah Barragry

A digital street and delightful stories to bring Google magic to life this festive season. Any recipe in seconds, music in every room, a live feed from your doorstep to your phone - Google can add magic to your life. This holiday season, we’re introducing people to the many benefits of Google products with a digital advent calendar set on a delightfully illustrated street. Behind each of the street’s ten doors is an enchanting story and a range of offers on Google devices. From daylight savings until New Year’s Day, each story revolves around everyday moments and are set during key days such as International Student’s day and Black Friday. Every story has Chromebook as its hero, and gives us a glimpse into the lives being improved by Google devices everywhere, bringing a bit of magic to the people of Sweden and the Netherlands throughout the festive season.